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took about 25 minutes to get there, on the way we passed a village called Aberaeron and I noticed the houses were painted all the different colours of the rainbow, its truly beautiful, compared to some of the villages in Wales they tend to be quite dreary with there grey pebble dash and grey slate roofs this village was such a contrast in comparison.

Day trip to Llangrannog.....

When we arrived at Llangrannog we parked in the car park in front of the beach - we paid £3.50 for the whole day. The chap who gave us the ticket pointed to the café at the back of the car park and told us we could have it refunded if we bought our lunch there – which I though was a pretty good deal.  We decided to have breakfast at the café that overlooked the beach it had a big blue sign saying ‘Fish & Chips’ – but we wanted a full cooked breakfast all round with a mug of tea each. I think out of all the cafs that we went to, this place scored top for the best fry up, it cost twenty quid for the four of us. The service was good - it seemed the proprietors were english,  I noticed the people in there were middle/ upper class sort. The type of people who were members of the local sailing club or owned a yacht or two!

 After all those carbs it was time for a workout - a bracing walk along the hillside which overlooked the lovely beach, and what  a workout it was !,  We climbed up the mountain for about an hour – stopping every 15 minutes to get our breath back, or in my case a sneeky fag! (to my daughters dissapointment - right through the holiday she kept hiding my cigaretes and every time I light up - I would get her lecturing me on how I was going to get more wrinkles and die early etc.) I will give up one day though just not at this present time.

During the walk we noticed  kids surfing on a different  coved beach below. The reason why there was only a handfull of kids  is because there was about a thousand steps to get down there! The beach itself  reminded me of the film The Beach, in it you can see the beautiful beaches of Thailand and this particular beach matched them to a T. Its like having your own private beach with massive rocks either side. And the sea is lovely and blue,  I noticed a couple of kids pointing out to the sea when I looked over to the direction they were pointing to I noticed a couple of sea lions bobbing up and down in the lovely clear sea.

Llangrannog beach...

We got back to the beach a couple of hours later, God we were shattered.  My daughter went to the car and picked the blankets and towels out of it,  we put our bikinis on (apart from my father that is!) and lay in the basking sun for the rest of the afternoon. The beach wasn’t too packed had a few surfers surfing… kids building sandcastles and a few elderly people sat on the benches overlooking the beach. It made me think that you don’t need to be gallivanting abroad when you have breathtaking beaches like these - providing the sun stays out!



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