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Camping in New Quay, West Wales

Does it count as gallivanting if you are with your parents? Well I don’t suppose it does in the usual meaning of the word, but I had just left my job selling property in the City of London after a seven year stint and travelling through West Wales seemed like gallivanting to me!

We got to Cei Bach touring park, New Quay on a really wet day. We travelled (me & my father) in my parents’ brand new motor home, and what a fantastic motor home it is!

When I was a child I always dreamt of having a motor home, stopping off on a lay by ..making a cup of tea… The dream of making a cup tea quickly deteriorated as my mum never even bought a kettle throughout the holiday!  At least now I know what to buy her for xmas. -then my fantasy will be fulfilled !  The motor home was a two birth so my mum and my daughter followed us through the Welsh Hills in their 4 x 4.

Once we got to Cei Back we had the joyous task of putting the tent up in the wind and rain, between the four of us it took about half an hour to put up ,   as I  knocked the last tent peg drenched in my damp clothes the sun decided to make an appearance!   Typical !.  Once the tent had been pitched and our belongings off loaded from the motor home and into our tent we decided to explore New quay.  After such a long drive we needed to stretch our legs so a brisk walk was on our agenda.

The campsite was situated about a mile and a half from New Quay. The very nice chatty lady on reception pointed us in the right direction towards the beach thus leading to New quay.  What a lovely open beach  it was. The fresh sea air was such a lovely feeling for the lungs.  Bliss!

A walk into New Quay ...

We arrived at New quay harbour within 40 minutes.  We would have got there quicker if there hadn’t been a river running through the sand going towards the sea.  What a laugh…seeing my mum tip toeing on rocks and wood she laid across the river so she wouldn’t get her feet wet…we all failed miserably on that task apart from my daughter Ophelia,  who’s feet were bone dry!

The harbour was so picturesque,  no wonder they filmed  Edge of Love here, it is truly beautiful. The first port of call was the Gastro Pub called Penwig Hotel.  We were all famished by now after that brisk walk.

The atmosphere was friendly.. there was a mix of tourists and locals there and plenty of eye candy too, surfer type dudes!  The food was splendid, I think if I was to criticize it would be there was to much food on the plate ! .Not good for the waistline!

After our delicious food we had our drinks on the large terrace at the front of the pub it overlooks the harbour.  It was lovely sitting and watching the world pass by with my family and having the warmth of the sun made it even better.

The second day we decided to go to Llangranog beach – apparently the day was going to be a scorcher. We packed our swim wear and off we went, it.....


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