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Day Trippers, Night Stoppers…

At the end of my shopping spree, I was left exhausted and exhilarated. Now, my attention had diverted to the question of how I was going to get home. One answer: the tram going to Piccadilly. The Metrolink tram has three lines going to Bury, Eccles and Altrincham, with two lines travelling to Piccadilly, Manchester’s main train station. Here you can catch trains to pretty much everywhere in Britain and there are a total of 19 platforms. It may take a while to find your way around (the station is like a labyrinth) but trains are regularly on time. There are also train stations at Victoria and Oxford Road and all are connected on an easy railway network.

As an alternative, try taking one of the buses which run all over Manchester. If you’re a student and wish to return to your native Fallowfield after your shopping trip, climb on one of the buses which regularly travel up Oxford Road and through the Curry Mile (where the buses drive through curry…no, just loads of curry houses here). Taxis are also popular in Manchester, with friendly drivers and comfortable rides.

If you plan to stay overnight in Manchester, there are plenty of accommodation options available to you, from luxury hotels to friendly bed and breakfast guest houses set in the surrounding countryside. You can find five star hotels in the city centre, both along Princess Street and in Piccadilly, as well as near to the shopping hub of Market Street. Just 8 minutes from the city centre on the Metrolink tram, Salford Quays offers budget accommodation in hotels including the Etap hotel and the Ramada. If you are coming to Manchester on a very low budget, there is a Premier Inn situated within the city centre, near to the Manchester MEN Arena on Victoria Bridge Street.

So, at half past six, I had finished my shopping spree, bags laden on my arms and threatening to break. With a smile on my face, I turned away from the shopping window I had been surveying myself in. Even if I did look like a Bag Lady, I still had several items from the Arndale Centre, a ton of Primark clothing, a pack of Selfridges sweets, a Gucci dress and Prada shoes, not forgetting the multiple plug socket. All to be found in the magnificence that is Manchester.



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