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for a Gucci suit or a pair of Prada heels? They’re all right here, not to mention Armani, Diesel and Chanel amongst many others. Normally the £1000 price tag on a Gucci dress would have made my jaw drop to the floor, but I had enough money on this shopping spree to buy a few luxury items for myself. I had a huge grin plastered to my face as I bought my first pair of pink Prada shoes and Chanel handbag, complete with the gold strap. Who said that designer shopping cannot be mixed with some high street Primark wear when you have a big budget? After all, that is the point of a shopping spree. Afterwards I made my way to Selfridges, where the prices are much the same (although the jewellery was nowhere near as expensive as that in Harvey Nichols) but feeling that I had to put a strain on myself from overspending, I went away with just a little packet of sweets tucked under my arm.

King Street: no kings, just fashion designers…

Having fallen into the designer shops at the deep end, I made my way to King Street, Manchester’s nest to the designer names. Here you will find designer names such as Vivienne Westwood, DKNY, Diesel, Timberland, Hugo Boss and Armani. Again, you will need a fat wallet to be able to buy anything from these shops and seeing as I had already splashed my cash in Harvey Nichols, I was merely window shopping on King Street. Yet when I caught sight of a beautiful white dress in the window of the Vivienne Westwood store, I began to feel that I had made a mistake buying the Chanel handbag and Prada shoes in place of this dress. But when I caught sight of the monster price tag on the dress, I was happy in the knowledge that I had made the right choice.

Not only will you find the huge designer brands on King Street, but there are also the Wallis and Monsoon shops here, making those with slimmer wallets still feel at home. If you don’t feel like heading down to King Street, then you can still find designer stores such as Austin Reed and French Connection on Exchange Street, as well as Aspecto on Sevendale House.

Deansgate: no gates and no known men called Dean. Just shops…

Who could forget Deansgate, one of the main arteries of Manchester’s city centre? Not only is it infamous for its nightlife, but there are also plenty of shops located on this long and expanding road, including House of Fraser and Kendals (two other department stores) and the Barton Street Arcade just off Deansgate. Just don’t try walking from one end to the other—it’ll kill you with your shopping, as I soon found out from taking this mammoth walk laden down with all the shopping bags. Deansgate has its own railway station, although there is no Metrolink tram stop on this road. There is also a regular bus service for when your legs become tired.

Release your inner child…

I felt guilty at the thought of shopping in Manchester without buying a gift for my young nephew. Thus I went in search of the nearest children’s store, coming across Daisy and Tom on Deansgate which is a delightful store catering for a child’s every need. Kids will love the Disney Store in the Arndale Centre (the shopping paradise strikes again), and Pumpkin Patch in Market Street has plenty of stylish clothes for both children and babies. It was here that I went to find a new outfit for my nephew and prices were fairly cheap.


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