Shopping in the Department Stores in Manchester [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] filling your basket to the brim with all sorts of marvellous items at prices that you won’t find anywhere else. The only negative side to this is that once you reach the fitting rooms, you are only able to take in 6 items at a time and the queues are quite long, especially on weekends. But fear not, your other items can be kept aside for you to swap over to them once you have finished with the first batch. I also found myself in the centre of a large queue at the check out, but with many assistants on the tills, the queues do die down fairly quickly. Words of advice: do not let the queues put you off; if you are in Manchester, definitely visit Primark!

Leaving Primark with several plastic carrier bags (yes, unlike most Primark stores, Manchester’s Primark gives you plastic bags and not paper ones which rip—the environment will forgive you just this once), I took a look through the other shops which Manchester’s main shopping street has to offer. There is a huge HMV store selling everything from the latest chart-topping albums, to less known bands and bands from the 1970s to early ‘80s Manchester music era: Elbow, New Order, Joy Division. Take a break from the shopping for a while and have a browse through the CDs, DVDs and books that this impressive store holds.

If the Arndale Centre does not have enough sports shops for you, Market Street holds Allsports and Adidas, where you will find anything from running trainers to golf clubs. And if you fancy skiing down Market Street or the escalators of the larger stores (not something I personally like to do myself but everyone has their own interests), you only need to pick up a pair of skis from one of these shops. But if sports doesn’t appeal to you, Next is also situated along Market Street, where you can find anything from home accessories to smart suits. Other shops along Market Street include the brilliant H&M clothes shop, with plenty of fashionable and stylish clothes and footwear, a Tesco store with spacious aisles, and Ann Summers to name but a few.

Browsing the department stores…and splashing the cash…

After touring both the Arndale Centre and Market Street and still with plenty of time to indulge in some retail therapy, I decided that the next best thing to do would be to look around the larger department stores in Manchester. These included Debenhams and TK Maxx, as well as Selfridges in Exchange Square and Harvey Nichols on New Cathedral Street.

I found the Debenhams store to be like any other, selling clothes, fragrances, cosmetics and home wear, although Market Street’s Debenhams does have a large menswear floor, with stylish shirts and jeans from makes such as Ben Sherman and Levi. The cosmetics department on the floor above sells make up by any cosmetic make you can think of, including Bobbi Brown, MAC, Max Factor and Urban Decay. Make up lessons are available from the assistants at each separate cosmetics counter—prepare to sit back and relax whilst they call to your make up needs. The other department store on Market Street is TK Maxx, a popular store where you will be sure to find everything to suit your needs.

High prices are the norm in Harvey Nichols. Opened in Exchange Square in 2003, the store spreads across three elegant floors, the second floor holding a Restaurant, Bar and Brasserie. Touring the Womenswear section, I was astounded to find absolutely every designer brand I could think of displayed extravagantly all over the floor. Looking .....


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