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Shopping in Manchester

Bags and bags and bags of fabulous clothes, luxury items and sweet fragrances adorn my arms. I think I look seemingly okay, but when I catch a glimpse of myself in one of the shop windows, I realise I look more Bag Lady than Carrie and Co from Sex and the City.

Of course, I have just spent the last glorious six hours happily trailing through Manchester’s array of shops. As the largest city in the North West, it has plenty to offer in the way of shopping, with many different areas to cater for anything and everything you may want. From highly expensive to ridiculously cheap, Manchester has it all. And let us not forget either the nearby Trafford Centre, with its own huge amount of shops. So I had set off to spend a little retail therapy in the city which at one time used to be a central figure in the industrial revolution, but now lends its hands more to shopping.

The Arndale Centre: the shopper’s paradise…

You would have to be blind or foolish to miss the Arndale Centre in Manchester. With entrances from Market Street, Wintergardens, Exchange Court and Halle Square, this gigantic two storey glass precinct, mostly built of glass, houses around 200 shops, department stores, restaurants and fast food outlets. I decided that before beginning my shopping expedition, I’d need a little energy to get me going: in the way of a huge chocolate chip cookie and an alfresco coffee from the Millie’s Cookies stall situated on the second storey of the centre.

Although it suffered from the terrible Manchester IRA bombing in 1996, Arndale has since restored its original building, with the new section of the shopping mall opening just recently. After gaining some ‘cookie’ energy, I made my way to this new section, which houses, amongst many others, New Look and River Island. This is one of the largest New Look stores you shall ever find: plenty of fashionable dresses, tops and the latest stylish coats and jackets. But as has been for the last couple of years, it is New Look’s range of shoes which gives the store its status, and the Arndale Centre store is like a haven to your foot. Hundreds of pairs of shoes, from patent and sequinned stiletto heels to flat pumps decorated with a pretty bow, they are all here. I managed to while away a good forty minutes trying on every different type of shoe imaginable, before buying myself a pair of silver platform heels, very on trend.

Moving over to River Island, this store complements New Look well. If you’re looking for the perfect dress that you want to wear as both casual and formal, then River Island is the best place to be. With plenty of casual/formal dresses, stylish jackets and some slightly more daring outfits, there is something for everyone here. Again, there is plenty to find in the shoe department, but I found the fitting rooms to be the major plus point, with plenty of cubicles and space to see just how that little black dress fits. The good thing about River Island and New Look too is that the prices are fairly cheap and reasonable.

Becoming caught up in the fashion hype, I made my way down to Miss Selfridge. On a personal note this is one of my favourite fashion stores, with clothes that are stylish and fashionable yet have that slight quirky edge on them. There is plenty to find from a stylish pair of jeans to a colourful skirt, and unlike many shops whose sales often consist of dozens of hideous pairs of zebra print skinny jeans with broken zips, Miss Selfridge’s .....


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