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Tickets for Michael Jackson’s live dates at London’s O2 Arena have now sold out, but if you’ve been lucky enough to pick up a pair of tickets, then your next concern is probably where to stay in London and where to go gallivanting around London. If you’re not familiar with the capital but are desperate to see the ‘Thriller’ singer, then this is the place for you: enough details about Michael Jackson and the live dates, not to mention information about where to go, where to shop, what to see and where to stay in London.

Got a ticket to see the hugely famous Michael Jackson in London? Then you might be wondering just what will be included in the live show. Whilst no specific details of the shows have been revealed yet, the singer will be performing for 50 nights (one for each year of his life) from July 8th 2009 to February 24th 2010. Considering this is Michael Jackson’s first tour in twelve years, things are set to be exciting as well as mesmerising. The singer said that he would be performing songs ‘for the fans’, so there are high chances that you could find yourself singing along to ‘Billie Jean’, ‘Thriller’ and ‘Beat It’, all while Michael Jackson is live in front of you on the stage. The live shows at the O2 Arena are known as the ‘This Is It’ tour, raising questions that this is Michael Jackson’s last tour. This may be the reason why a huge one million tickets sold out in a matter of hours, but whether it is the last tour or not, Michael Jackson is sure to go out with a bang.


If you haven’t got a ticket yet and are desperate to get your hands on some, then don’t worry. Although tickets are currently sold out, some may be available on the internet closer to the date, so that even more diehard fans of Michael Jackson will be allowed the opportunity to see him perform live.


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