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Our table was located right next to the dance floor so we were all dancing away to the music and could still enjoy our drinks. 
We went to the ladies loo’s – in it there was a toilet attendant offering make up, perfume and a brush if you wanted to glam yourself up each time you went in there. As I was powdering my nose a beautiful tall and slim woman asked me if her make up looked ok. (It was the wonder bra model Caprice!) Her skin was flawless and she new it! I said yes anyway and off I went back to the my friends – one of them being my best friend Gaynor her husband Levi ( DJ name Levi Love) ; Levi told me Ziggy wanted my phone number.  Levi new Ziggy Lichman from the clubscene . Levi was a DJ in London ; and a brilliant one at that - he had a residency at The Ministry of Sound, Isis, Fabric. He Dj’s now mainly in the West End – Mahiki is a great club Prince William and Harry go there quite often Levi has met them a few times – I used to get all the celebrity gossip from Gaynor!
I had been single for the last six months  Gaynor and Levi used to like playing cupid but at the time I was enjoying being single and didn t want to have a relationship with anyone – anyway Levi told me Ziggy wanted to take me out on a date – I declined , he wasn’t really my type.  As I was explaing this to Gaynor a man came over to me held my hand and kissed it .  He wished me Happy Birthday, he had a friend who was stood behind him his friend looked familiar but I couldn’t think who it was. I asked how he knew it was my birthday he said he had been watching me for a while and asked one of my friend s earlier. He was quite a handsome chap. Suddenly Gaynor nudged me and said you are talking to Jenson Button – who’s Jenson Button I asked.  He’s the Formula 1 racing car driver and his friend behind him is Michael Schumaker.  She told me not to blow him out or she would kill me! Levi and her loved Formula 1 – It’s not my thing though . . Levi introduced himself to them both, discreetly I asked Gaynor if Jenson had a girlfriend, she said he did and that they had been dating a couple of years. I thought who does he think he is ! He was making out to me that he was single and asked me to go out on a date with him.  Politely I turned him down and I fobbed him off .
We carried on drinking and dancing until it closed at 4 am.  Outside the club there were loads of illegal cab drivers trying to tout for business but we rejected them all as I have heard loads of horror stories about illegal cabbies. So we jumped in a black cab and made our way home.
The next day I had a hangover from hell! To cure a hangover they say a good fry up does the trick, so I went to the local café and ordered the biggest fry up on the menu. There in front of me in the News of the World was a picture of Jenson Button and Michael Shumacker going home in a cab – the article stated Jenson was out on the tiles trying to get over his break up with his girlfriend.  They had split up two weeks earlier!
Oh well he wasn’t lying when he said he was single – So Jenson if your reading this I’m available for that date!!


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