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During the summer of 07 my friends and I would often go gallivanting to the West End and Soho in London.  The club scene there is fantastic full of high flyers and celebs out for a good time. 
One memorable night we had was on my birthday – I invited ten of my closest friend to a club called Umbaba’s on Ganton St an African styled club.  The club has three very different bars and a dance floor that features DJs spinning from inside a cauldron!
The table I booked cost four thousand pounds – for this you had a host and plenty to drink!
The night started at my friend’s house in Farringdon were we got dressed to the nine’s.  Earlier that day I had gone shopping to Selfridges on Oxford St ( I normally spent most weekends there - as it’s the greatest department store on the planet from Hermes bags to Gucci shoes the list is endless!) I bought a beautiful champagne color Prada top and a beautiful Prada skirt to match my then size eight figure to finish the outfit I bought a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes – patent black leather with a six inch killer heel and of course is legendary trademark splash of red on the outer sole. I looked and felt a million dollars, its amazing what a pair of shoes can do for a woman!

The black cab picked us up and drove us through the bright neon lights of  Piccadily Circus, it was about 10pm and you could see the buzz in the air – you always get that in Piccadily Circus   It’s a busy place, always full of tourists, and the continuous flow of traffic makes it even more chaotic. But it is fun, and there’s a buzz about the place. There are lots of shops, places to eat and things going on on the street to keep you entertained.

We headed straight to Umbaba’s – thankfully we were on the guest list so we didn’t have to wait in the enormous queue! We were greeted by a conventionally good looking guy who wished me a Happy Birthday.  His name was Ziggy (a few months later he appeared on Big Brother and got his fifteen minutes of fame.) He was a very flirty host ..he took us  to our table and provided us with the drinks menu.  The most expensive champagne on the menu was  Louis Roederer Cristal it was £400 per bottle We ordered a few bottles Dom Perignon at £160 per bottle .  The club started to fill quickly there where plenty of gorgeous people having a good time dancing to the DJ’s funky house music- there was a great atmosphere in there.
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