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Welcome to the Beatles’ home…


I was pleased to find the Cavern Club easily located on Mathew Street. If you are over the age of 35 and have not heard of the Cavern Club and its link with the Beatles, I can only presume that you have been in a coma for the last thirty years of your life. If you are under the age of 35 or have indeed been in a coma since the 1970s, then the Cavern Club is the pub venue where the internationally famous band the Beatles would regularly play in their hometown of Liverpool. Although everything here is dedicated to the Beatles, the Cavern Club offers modern live music from up and coming new bands from Liverpool and popular, unsigned acts. With two stages, both used by the Beatles, the Cavern Club can get very crowded. I took a table in the corner of the club and watched appreciatively as a young man and his guitar took to the smaller stage, and I have to admit that his talent was brilliant and I expect him to get signed up quite soon. The clever thing about the Cavern Club is that it is finding and encouraging new music from the ashes of the Beatles’ music. Who knows when the next Beatles will emerge from Liverpool?


Open the story book…


The Beatles Story is possibly Liverpool’s best attraction if, like me, you are a music fanatic and appreciate music from all eras. And just who doesn’t like the Beatles? Having been wrapped up in the hype and world of the Beatles, I returned to Albert Dock from the Cavern Club, desperate to buy a ticket for the Beatles Story attraction. Although tickets are a little bit on the pricey side, it is definitely worth it for this attraction, especially if you are too young to have been part of the Beatles era.


The Beatle Story journey begins in Woolton Village Fete, where Paul McCartney recalls meeting John Lennon for the first time. Take a look at the instruments played by John Lennon and what was then his Skiffle band, before retiring to the Casbah Coffee Club. Afterwards you can discover the history and secrets behind the Sergeant Pepper album, before embarking on an underwater experience in the Yellow Submarine.


The final chapter of the Beatles story depicts the break up one of the world’s favourite and most successful bands, the role they played in overthrowing the Soviet Union, information about their solo projects, and the never ending legacy of the Beatles.


A taste of art…


If art and culture is more interesting to you, then be sure to visit some of Liverpool’s amazing galleries. I took a taxi back to the city centre, feeling exhausted yet exhilarated after the Beatles Story, and stepped inside the incredible building that is Liverpool’s Tate Gallery. Tate Liverpool (the official Tate Gallery is located in the capital) the largest gallery of contemporary and modern art in England outside of London. With contemporary and striking art dating from 1900 to the present day, Tate Liverpool presents a wide range of work including photography, sculpture, painting and installation. Walking around the many rooms of Tate Liverpool, I saw many impressive exhibitions, including paintings and sculptures, by some of the world’s best known artists.


From Tate Liverpool I made my way to the Walker Art Gallery on William Brown Street, just off Lime Street. Here I found art ranging from the medieval art to present day 21st century art, covering many medias. Smaller than the Tate, the Walker gallery should still be visited by anyone with a passion for art, and it has some amazing exhibitions.


Liverpool’s World Museum is another exciting attraction, with galleries including World Cultures, an Aquarium, the Weston Discovery Centre, the Clore Natural History Centre and a Bug House, a smaller museum dedicated entirely to bugs. It certainly kept me happy for a good while and will definitely be popular with children.


From venues dedicated to the Beatles, to magnificent cathedrals and interesting art galleries and museums, Liverpool has something to offer everyone. There are attractions for all ages, whether you are planning on bringing small children or are deciding to come alone. Whatever you decide to do, you will surely be able to appreciate the delights of Liverpool.


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