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The original church…


Leaving the hustle and bustle of Liverpool’s shopping crowd, I averted my attention to its Anglican Cathedral. The oldest of the city’s two cathedrals, the Anglican Cathedral was consecrated in 1924, although the first foundation stone was laid in 1904. The cathedral’s beautiful Victorian architecture can be appreciated from both the outside and inside of its walls. On visiting Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral, Sir John Benjamin named it ‘one of the great buildings of the world’. You can decide for yourself by taking the interactive tour to visit several different ‘stations’ of the cathedral, including the magnificent vestry tower which stands today at 331ft, dominating part of Liverpool’s city skyline. Personally, I think this cathedral is a wonderful monument dedicated to the city’s history.


The church with a crown…


Visitors come to Liverpool to see the Metropolitan Cathedral alone, and I was determined to see it for myself. You certainly can’t miss Liverpool’s Metropolitan Cathedral when you enter the city: a striking building sitting on a ‘hill’ of concrete steps, with its roof, which resembles a crown, rising high into the air. Much the same as the Anglican Cathedral, the Metropolitan Cathedral dominates the city skyline, but it is its interesting architecture which raises the most eyebrows. You will have different opinions about its design considering it is a religious monument, but I believe that it gives a wonderful twist to the common religious buildings of most churches.


A Roman Catholic Cathedral, it was opened in 1967, and is one of the only circular churches to be found in Britain. However, like most other religious houses, it incorporates multicoloured glass windows, which look spectacular in amongst the interior décor of the cathedral. Although opened in the 1960s, parts of the cathedral date from the 1930s and the architecture in the original Lutyens Crypt is a stark contrast to that in the modern parts of the cathedral. Admission into the Metropolitan Cathedral is free, but a donation of £3 is requested from each person to help maintain the upkeep of the Metropolitan Cathedral.

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