From Cavern Walks to Church Street, my shopping break in Liverpool [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12]


find designer names such as Vivienne Westwood and Drome. I was excited to find the store From Me To You here, which houses official Beatles merchandise. Sadly it is not this store which propels Cavern Walks to fame within Liverpool. It is Cricket, the well known designer store where footballers’ wives flock to, especially footballer Wayne Rooney’s wife Colleen McLoughlin. Although with prices flying into the hundreds, Cricket still remains popular with many shoppers who aren’t footballers’ wives (although their husbands may play for their local hometown team every Wednesday night), and is one of the most successful designer brands in Liverpool. Definitely one for the fashion conscious!


I found that it wasn’t only Cavern Walks which is the home of designer brands, but the Met Quarter also has its own designer shops. I bought myself a huge Armani handbag which cost well into the hundreds, so if you have enough money definitely head to the Met Quarter! I continued on towards Diesel, which sells everything from clothing to fragrance, and finally came to Flannels, a department store similar to Harvey Nichols in Manchester. A must for anyone with a passion for designer brands, some of Prada’s and Gucci’s best collections are here, as well as clothing by Dolce & Gabbana. Flannels is also perfect for those looking for that perfect wedding outfit, from the mother of the bride right down to the groomsmen. You could bring the whole wedding party here—there’s something for everyone! Just make sure you’ve got some money to spare with you!


Touring the larger stores…


Finishing my jaunt around the Met Quarter, I decided to visit a large department store, to see what others besides Flannels had to offer. I found a Debenhams department store on Lord Street, just across from Church Street. I found the Debenhams store to be like any other, selling clothes, fragrances, cosmetics and home wear, all at reasonable prices and with a friendly atmosphere. The cosmetics department sells make up by any cosmetic make you can think of, including Bobbi Brown, MAC, Max Factor and Urban Decay. Make up lessons are available from the assistants at each separate cosmetics counter—prepare to sit back and relax whilst they call to your make up needs. There is also a four storey Debenhams store in Liverpool One, and the quirky glass building is certainly impressive.


As well as Debenhams, I also found BHS on Lord Street, which has everything from lighting and bathroom furniture to slippers and its very own restaurant serving light meals. As much as I wanted a bowl of soup and crunchy bread roll which looked so appetising it almost made me drool, I forced myself away, reminding myself that I had already had a dish of noodles and a McFlurry.


Women will be pleased to find Marks & Spencer on Church Street. I found many attractive pieces of clothing amongst the Per Una clothing collection (advertised on TV by those enviable, beautiful models), and the shoes aren’t too bad either. If you’re of the male variety you won’t be lost here either: there is an entire ...

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