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as well as Peacocks and mobile phone network stores such as O2 and Orange. You name it, Liverpool One has it.


Coming 360 degrees back round Liverpool One, I could see just why the area had become so popular. With its incredible views over towards Albert Dock and the purpose built Chavasse Park and of course its wonderful array of shops, no wonder it has become one of the largest retail hubs of the North West.

Church Street: no churches, just shops…


After witnessing the Liverpool One ‘experience’, I returned to Church Street, home of the high street shops. Again there is another Zara store here, so if you don’t quite make it down to Liverpool One, at least you can still get your stylish clothes here on Church Street.


Not only will you find Zara here, but also H&M, another prime high street fashion store, with on-trend clothing and footwear. Have a look at what the mannequins are wearing (as they have usually been dressed in the best clothes H&M has to offer), before making your way around the shops to find the same exact clothes. As well as clothes, H&M also has a wide range of shoes, from patent heels to comfortable flats. Because of its reasonable prices, I bought myself a purple knitted hat and a pair of black bootleg cut jeans, far different from the All Saints ‘chicken look’ jeans.


A huge grin spread over my face as I found my favourite store: Topshop. Bang on trend, Topshop has absolutely everything packed into its shop: fashionable clothes, attractive shoes and bright accessories. Some of the clothes in Topshop can be described as a little ‘out there’, but since unleashing the internationally known model Kate Moss’s own fashion range designed exclusively for Topshop, young women have flocked to Topshop stores in their hundreds. Kate Moss’s clothes are definitely striking, with a slightly different edge to them which will make sure that you stand out from the crowd. I bought myself a satin Kate Moss backless dress with halter neck tie, which I decided would look brilliant with my pair of chunky black heels from New Look. As well as the dress, I picked up three different pairs of coloured tights, of which Topshop are well known for stocking.


However many amazing high street shops Church Street may hold, none can be more ‘high street’ than the father of all high street stores: Primark. This heaven-like store sells clothes, footwear, jewellery, accessories such as umbrellas, home accessories and nightwear. I was able to find exactly what I wanted here, such as a dress for just £8.00 and a skirt for £7.00. Yes, Primark really is that cheap! Trail around the store filling your basket to the brim with all sorts of marvellous items at prices that you won’t find anywhere else.  As the largest Primark in Britain, even larger than the London store, Liverpool’s store has five huge floors, making sure that you will definitely find what you came for. As you would imagine, as it is the largest of its kind, Primark can get quite busy, especially on


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