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with a slight quirky edge. Not just for women, All Saints is also hugely popular with men, with many fashionable cardigans and jumpers. Most of the women’s clothing consists of large T-shirts dresses, jumpers with logos embellished on to them and plenty of coats and jackets. I tried on a dark blue T-shirt dress in the rather interesting fitting rooms (just wait until you get here), as well as a black pair of bootleg cut jeans. Admittedly the jeans made me resemble a small, plump chicken, but I left the All Saints store with the T-shirt dress neatly folded in the special All Saints bag and £60.00 less in cash.


I decided to take a break from the clothes shopping and head to HMV, which sells everything from classical music and jazz to rock, hip hop and metal, not to mention music by Liverpool’s most famous band, the Beatles. Feeling I had to do my honour towards Liverpool’s music background, I bought myself the Sergeant Pepper album, as well as a new pair of iPod headphones. Although HMV sells iPod activities, you can also buy them from Apple, home of the iPod itself. Not only does it concentrate on the iPod, but it also sells the Apple iPhone, Mac computers and iPod Touch and Nano.


If you think of yourself as a bit of a bookworm and wouldn’t mind picking up a few books whilst in Liverpool One, Waterstone’s will be right up your street (literally). With plenty of books covering fiction, non-fiction, biographical, travel, geography, educational and scripts, you could lose yourself for hours in here. Spend some time in here seeing which books have made it into the hardback and paperback charts, as well as searching for some of the older novels which you’ve always been dying to read.


After I became a little tired looking around all the shops, I decided to take a break and made my way to Leisure’s Terrace, with a wide choice of restaurants which overlook the beautiful Chavasse Park. With Latin American dishes and Japanese sushi and noodles, Leisure’s Terrace will introduce you to cuisines from across the world, whilst you’re still sitting back and relaxing in Liverpool One. I went for a huge dish of Japanese noodles, but as I’m not the world’s best person at eating anything which involves wrapping a piece of food around your fork, I was forced to slurp the noodles from my fork, which mustn’t have been too attractive to fellow diners.


My next stop was The Perfume Shop, displaying all the latest perfumes and the old classics, with testers for you to try out. From here I bought my favourite perfumes, Ghost’s ‘Deep Night’, Valentino’s ‘Rock & Roses’ and Gucci’s ‘Eau de Parfum II’. I could have stayed in The Perfume Shop for hours but reminding myself that I had much more of Liverpool still to explore, I made a quick dash before I was tempted to buy Christian Dior’s ‘J’adore’.


I continued on my shopping trek around Liverpool One, sighting WH Smith and Superdrug, useful high street stores selling stationery and toiletries respectively...



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