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Liverpool: 2008’s European Capital of Culture. Because of that reason alone, Liverpool had a lot to live up to, and I was determined to see what exactly it had to offer. Shops? The Cavern Club? Tate Liverpool? Well yes, all that…plus a lot more.

I had arrived in Liverpool with a large budget and a leaflet advertising all the tourist attractions. Standing in the centre of Liverpool at half past nine I had as much time as I wanted to tour the city, unveiling all its well known attractions and hidden surprises. Similar to Tom Hanks’s words in the film Forrest Gump, ‘Liverpool is like a box of chocolates…you never know what you’re going to get.’



Liverpool One…number one for shopping


Before my arrival in Liverpool, I had heard plenty about this new area of Liverpool that I could have reeled off the list of stores here without even setting foot in the place. However, since I was here, I decided to do Liverpool One justice and go and visit it. It can be found easily by following directions from Church Street, or from Liverpool Lime Street train station, proceed along Renshaw Street, taking your first left along Ranelagh Street which will lead you straight into Liverpool One. Prepare to be taken aback by the whole place: the architecture, the amount of space and of course, the 160 retail stores just waiting for you to explore them.


The brilliant thing about Liverpool One, which I noticed as I arrived there, is that there is both a mixture of high street shops with low budget prices, the slightly more expensive shops such as All Saints, Mango and Urban Outfitters, right down to the designer names of Swarovski, Ted Baker, Lacoste and Esprit. Liverpool One doesn’t isolate anyone, inviting people of all ages and with any budget to its stores. First of all I took a look through New Look, housed in an interesting and quirky building (if you don’t make it down to Liverpool One, then you can find another New Look in Saint Chads Parade, near to the Radio City tower). Here you will certainly find whatever you’re looking for, from a stylish formal dress to casual yet attractive vest tops. But as has been for the last couple of years, it is New Look’s range of shoes which gives the store its status, and the store here in Liverpool One is no exception. Hundreds of pairs of shoes, from patent and sequinned stiletto heels to flat pumps decorated with a pretty bow, all stand tidily on their shelves, displayed in ascending shoe sizes. I managed to while away a good forty minutes trying on every different type of shoe imaginable, before buying myself a pair of chunky strapped heels, very on trend and very Liverpool.


My next stop was All Saints, as mentioned above. A little more expensive than New Look, the prices are definitely worth it for these highly fashionable clothes

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