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After my shopping expedition and browsing around most of its attractions, I was left exhausted. Fortunately I had booked a hotel for the night along Lime Street and returned there with my shopping bags and souvenirs from the attractions. Unlocking the door of my room, I dropped the bags onto the floor and flopped down on the bed, where I took a much needed power nap.


I woke two hours later, remembering that I had friends to meet in the city centre at ten o’clock. We were planning on having a night out in Liverpool, having a few drinks first before finishing the night in a nightclub, and hopefully picking up a pizza afterwards. Getting myself ready in one of the new outfits I had bought earlier that day, I caught a taxi to Bold Street, where I met my friends outside one of the bars. Disappearing inside, we ordered tasty cocktails and sat down in a quiet corner, catching up on what each other had been doing.


As we went from bar to bar for more alcoholic beverages and cocktails, I began to enjoy the nightlife which Liverpool has to offer. There are plenty of venues ranging from traditional public houses to ultra cool bars, right down to the city nightclubs which all play a different variety of music, from popular dance music to old, cheesy hits. If a night out in a Liverpool nightclub isn’t for you, you can enjoy a hearty meal in one of Liverpool’s fine restaurants, which you will find several of in the city centre, and there are a number of live music venues, including the Cavern Club.


A little further away in Albert Dock, you will find numerous other restaurants, bars, clubs and cafes, as well as an award-winning comedy club which is popular with all sorts of celebrities.


If you’re staying in Liverpool overnight, be sure to experience its glitzy nightlife: whether that be gulping down cocktails in the bars, dancing the night away in a nightclub, singing along to well known songs in a live music venue, or tucking into a delicious meal in a quiet restaurant.


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