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and also Elton John here, but by playing live MGMT certainly put their own sound and element to ‘Pieces of What’.

After playing almost all the songs off the album, the band begin playing some experimental music, which can only be described as ‘so MGMT’ with its psychedelic rock and synth pop, before they break into a new song. Unfortunately it fails to grasp the attention of the crowd unlike its predecessors—maybe it’s just down to the fact that the song goes on for a lengthy six minutes and is lost upon the crowd. Alas, they have not been forgotten about yet, when the music suddenly churns into the beginning of ‘The Handshake’, one of the strongest and most energetic tracks on the album. Beginning off slowly with a hint of electronica, it picks up by the bridge and becomes a screech of musical noise by the chorus, with the questionable lyric “We’ve got the handshake under our tongue.”  Just what exactly this means is anybody’s guess but it doesn’t matter here tonight, because the crowd are jumping along to the stomping guitars and drums making up ‘The Handshake’.

With a huge thank you to the crowd, MGMT disappear backstage and the crowd suddenly becoming agitated, calling for the band to return for an encore. The technicians are once again on the stage, rearranging the instruments. So is there going to be an encore or not? Of course there is. Five minutes later MGMT have returned, and picking up guitar, bass, drumsticks and flicking the switch once again on the keyboard, the first catchy chords of ‘Kids’ begins up and the audience screams. Like the opening to ‘Time to Pretend’, the band keep the opening chords of ‘Kids’ going for as long as possible, before Andrew Van Wyn Garden puts down his guitar and concentrates solely on the singing. With the crowd singing along to “Control yourself, take only what you need from it”, everyone here knows the song word by word, since it’s been in a high position in the music charts for weeks. As MGMT manage to repeat the chorus plenty of times, the crowd never tire of it, still continuing to sing along. Then with one last clash of the chords, the music finishes, the crowd are cheering and clapping, and MGMT bid a good night and farewell.

The main lights flickering back on in the room once again, there is a push towards the door as people talk amongst each other about how incredible the night was. Back outside, the crowd are greeted by the bitter cold of Leeds on a dark Bonfire Night, falling back into the reality away from the music. Yet just for an hour and a half, we were all caught up in the fantasy world of MGMT, a world which they are just so keen to share with us.



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