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I was unable to drink a large amount for I was driving, but I enjoyed the nightlife Halifax had to offer all the same. We started the drinks in the Punnet Line, a small and rather busy pub north of the town centre, but with many cosy corners to enjoy a glass of wine. Plus, there was a jukebox where we could play any tunes we wanted, and a cash machine which was handy once it began to rain and I didn’t fancy standing at an ATM machine outside whilst my shoes became soaked with water. On the opposite side of the town’s car park to the Punnet Line was Lewins. It was slightly quieter in here and we enjoyed a game of Giant Connect 4 towards the back of the pub, although I did happen to lose the game (I’d never been good at Connect 4). On we moved to Barracuda. It wasn’t the nicest of bars, and it was extremely busy, but the drinks were rather on the cheap side. We didn’t stay too long here before moving on to Bar Eleven. Again it was busy (after all, it was a Saturday night), but there was a nicer atmosphere in this bar and once again the drinks were fairly cheap.

      Lush was our next stop, across the road from Barracuda. With modern furniture and a ‘chill out’ room, Lush was a perfect place to end the night. Having my second and last glass of wine, I asked my friends what Halifax had to offer in the name of nightclubs.

“Maine Street,” said one.

“The Coliseum,” said the other.

“Maine Street is above The Coliseum,” the first said. “It’s quite small, but it’s a great place to go after the bars. It plays lots of chart and indie music and mixes it with cheesy music, and the décor’s in the style of a New York boulevard; it has roadside kerbs and balconies above the dance floor, which is designed like you’re dancing in the street.”

The second friend shook his head. “You want to go to The Coliseum. It’s bigger, more space, and it’s got more dance and R ‘n’ B music.” He put his head to one side. “Actually, it depends what type of music you’re after, really, with The Coliseum and Maine Street.”

   There was also Jumping Jack’s, I noticed, but neither of my friends seemed to mention it. Swallowing the last drop of my wine, I drove my friends back towards Brighouse. Thankfully Mr Kipling had not damaged the whole of their home and stirring from his place on the floor, he sleepily made his way towards me. Thanking my friends and wishing them goodbye, both Mr Kipling and I made our way back home to Preston. As Mr Kipling curled up on the passenger seat, I thought through the events of the day out in Halifax: shopping in the town centre, eating at Café Sol, walking around Eureka!, enjoying a glass of wine in Halifax, and visiting Shibden Park, Savile Park and Skircoat Green Park. There were certainly a lot of parks. Oh, and I had almost forgotten the ham sandwiches incident. Remembering that, I began chuckling to myself and laughed all the way back to Preston.


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