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As By this time I had grown rather famished and I caught sight of Café Sol, on the corner of Alexandra Street. I felt guilty having to leave Mr Kipling tethered to a bollard outside, but he didn’t seem to mind, particularly when he got many admiring glances and attention. I sat inside this friendly little café with a can of Coke, biting into a delicious tuna and mayo baguette. I could have possibly eaten all the baguettes which were so beautifully displayed beside the counter, but instead ordered a small flapjack. Outside I shared the flapjack with Mr Kipling, before we took a tour of the shops. Or rather, I did some shopping and he sat once again tethered to a bollard outside.

     I happened to find a Topshop store, but was disappointed to find that it was very small and there was hardly any room to move. However, they still had plenty of on-trend clothing and I managed to buy myself a pair of jeans and a small, woolly cardigan for the colder months. Next door was New Look, and due to the vast size of this store, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had taken some space from Topshop. I could have spent hours in New Look trying on every single pair of shoes they had on display, but I kept being reminded of Mr Kipling waiting outside. I bought myself a pair of dark pink suede platforms before joining my loyal companion back outside once again. Feeling guilty for having made him wait outside the shops, I found a pet supplies store and bought him a packet of biscuits which he quickly wolfed down.

“No more shops,” I told him, although I felt a desperate urge to go inside every time I passed Boots, River Island and Marks & Spencer.

Afterwards I took Mr Kipling for a walk through the Eureka! grounds beside the train station. Unfortunately I had not bought any children with me or I could have gone into the or I would have explored this national children’s museum. Stepping into the foyer, I curiously went up to the counter, and pointing at my basset hound, asked whether he would be included as a child. The assistant looked at me for a few moments, before telling me I did not have a child with me and no, my basset hound would not be included as a child. I nodded understandingly, and took some leaflets instead, which explained all about the Soundspace section and the ‘Our Global Garden’ attraction. I decided that next time I’d bring my two young nieces, providing that they let me in next time after the ‘basset hound incident’.

One historic monument we could not miss was the Piece Hall in the centre of the town. Similar to what the Corn Exchange used to be in Leeds, the Piece Hall building centres around a grassed courtyard and houses hundreds of small, independent shops selling everything from crafts, clothing, jewellery and photographers’ studios. Mr Kipling and I made our way around the square building, stopping occasionally for me to peer inside the shops selling quirky pieces of jewellery. I bought a teddy each for my two nieces from a friendly little shop named Serendipity, before touring around GB Glass jewellery shop, Red Patch and the Piece Hall bookshop, where I browsed through the shelves, finding classics such as Charles Dickens and lesser known second hand novels. There were plenty of cafes for me to sit and enjoy a cappuccino but feeling that I had made Mr Kipling wait around for me enough that day, I forced myself away and decided to sunbathe in the courtyard instead. Truth be told that I suffered severe sunburn on my face from just ten minutes of lying on the grass and had to wear large, thick sunglasses for the remainder of the day. Mr Kipling looked at me sadly once again when we left the courtyard as he had been enjoying the sunshine: it was all right for him, he had tons of fur.


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