Best hotel, Al Murooj Rotana Hotel, and a great holiday in Dubai..... [1] [2] [3]

Me and my partner flew from Manchester Airport last October on Virgin Airlines – but I wouldn’t class the air hostesses virgins, quite the opposite! The reason I say this is because we were sat at the back close to their seats- from the moment the plane took off and even when I took my headphones off after the films all you could hear was the air hostesses going on about their sexual conquests! We paid about a thousand pounds for the flight so it was quite disappointing having to hear the hostesses going on and on very loudly and crass …very unprofessional to say the least! 
We landed at Dubai International Airport on time it took about 6 hours– as we got of the plane the heat and humidity hit us instantly. The sun was shining; it felt nice knowing we had left the horrible British weather behind….bliss!

As soon as you get into the airport you know you are in a foreign country as the males wear The Kandura, it is the long white cloak . You will be amazed at how these remain crease free during the day - and they never look dirty.  UAE females wear Abaya this is a long flowing black gown worn by the UAE Females.  The main reason for wearing the Abaya is concern for modesty, with the most devoted covering their faces, as well as all viewable skin. Normally when I go to European countries I would walk around in shorts and t-shirts but during my stay in Dubai I covered up a bit more, on the beach it is fine to wear a bikini  - do not go topless !

We jumped in a much needed air conditioned cab and gave the friendly driver the hotel name – being Al Murooj Rotana Hotel.  The hotel is just a ten minute drive from the airport and is located in the business district. Looking out of the cab window you could see a lot of construction work being done and there are a vast amount of skyscrapers being built. We pulled up to the entrance of the hotel and an entrance it was!  The hotel was huge, I booked it on the internet I paid £750 for 6 days.  The porter directed us to the reception area whilst taking our luggage, the lobby was very impressive you can tell it was 5 star – everything about the hotel is to a high standard.  It has seven spectacular restaurants with international delicacies for entertainment it has the  Double Decker Pub, Aquarius Pool Bar and City Cafe with decent music played by the DJ' s. It also has a swimming pool, spa, in- door jacuzzi and gymnasium.

The receptionist  gave us our key card and said we were on the fifth floor.  Going by what I had seen of the hotel I knew our room would be just as nice - and I wasn’t disappointed the room was  large and had fabulous furniture with two king size beds  in the middle of the room.  The room was located at the back of the hotel the view wasn’t brilliant but the room made up for it.  We ordered some food from the room service menu as we felt rather peckish – once the waiter dropped the food off  I realized I tipped him about £30 ! Every time I go to a new foreign destination it takes me about three days to work out the currency ..doh! The waiter walked away happy at least..

We decided to go and check out the swimming pool we were only here for six days so I wasn’t wasting any more time indoors…I needed rays on my body quick fast! Whilst going towards the pool I noticed there was an in house hairdressers, on the window of it was signed pictures of the famous people who had  stayed there such as Madonna the Osbourne’s , Tony Blair, Tom Cruise and a whole wall of other celebrities too.

Once we got to the pool the swimming pool attendant offered us a towel each and a bath robe.  There were only a handful of people around the large pool and there were plenty of sun loungers available which was great – I lay on the sun lounger kicked back and closed my eyes and basked in the intense sun…bliss…pure bliss!



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