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Restaurants in Alicante

Spanish attempted to translate their meals into English. As much as they try, they always get the spelling wrong; ‘Meat balls with French fries’ became ‘Meat bolls whit French fried’. Finding it wrong of me to alert them to these errors, I continued on my travels, as the smell of fresh paella wafted over to me.

I had tea that evening at a brilliant little Italian restaurant on the promenade, a few doors down from the Mexican. Here I happily tucked in to a bowl of soup, a whole bowl of bread for myself, lasagne and cannelloni, a slice of chocolate fudge cake and last but not least, a huge orange full of ice cream, which seems to be a speciality out here in Spain. It wasn’t the fact that I was greedy which made me eat so much, it was the fact that I was starving. Still, I received some disapproving looks from the waiter and left hurriedly, by now having gathered a small paunch.

The Market Stalls

In the centre of Alicante’s promenade at night, market stalls stand opposite each other, selling everything from beads, jewellery, watches, mirrors, ornaments, sunglasses, hats, bags and toys. I browsed around the stalls, finally buying a beaded bracelet and a cream bag. There was a pleasant atmosphere here as well, with music playing from several different stalls and a live band playing on the podium, which reminded me of one of the giant, animated leaves on the film ‘Bug’s Life’.

Sadly I managed to break my bracelet when I attempted to use it as a bobble and hearing a loud snap, I watched as the beads showered all over me and burst off in all different directions. Then I heard a loud yell and turning towards a man strolling in the opposite direction to me with his wife, I realised with horror that one of those bloody beads had smacked him right in the eye. Offering my sincerest apologies in Spanish, which didn’t go too well as I discovered the couple were German, I hurried along back towards my car. After some time I found myself walking through an old park in what must have been one of the original parts of Alicante’s promenade. Here huge, terribly old trees surrounded me. The branches twisted amongst each other, entwining amongst the leaves. The only thing that I could compare the trees to would be the tree that the baboon Raffiki lives in, in the film ‘The Lion King’. It was almost as if walking through some magical jungle. That was until I came across a bunch of the bloody beads which at one point had been bracelet, and began skidding on them. Clinging on to one of the trees, I manoeuvred myself around it, similar to a cat burglar. This was much to the delight of a young group of teenagers, who pointed and laughed at my attempt to get away from the beads. My estimations of Spanish children were beginning to fall considerably.

Finally returning to my car, I unlocked the door and quickly switched on the air conditioning. Driving out of the city, I looked back in my rear view mirror to the illuminated Santa Barbera Castle sitting over the city, the harbour with its millionaire yacht boats bobbing in the water, and the lights of the promenade trying to beckon me back. In amongst the old park, I thought I saw something glistening, and could only hope it wasn’t the beads I had bought. My visit to Alicante had been enjoyable and relaxing, exactly what I’d wanted, and there had been plenty to see and do, what with the El Palmeral Park, the harbour, the restaurants along the promenade, the shopping complexes and the Santa Barbera Castle. Next time I just won’t use beaded bracelets as hair bobbles, especially when I come across German aristocrats and their wives.




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