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    Making my way back amongst the palm trees and colourful flowers and plants, I eventually reached my car and drove onwards towards the city centre, a photograph of the pelican with a permed mullet safely stored on the memory card of my digital camera.

Alicante Harbour and Beach

The promenade in Alicante is truly magnificent. After parking my car, I took a walk along the mile-long promenade towards the harbour. At the far end of the promenade there is a great beach, but there is an extensive harbour spanning most of the promenade. Luckily it was before midday and the temperature wasn’t too hot. Besides, there are plenty of palm trees dotted along the promenade which give shade. On the left of the promenade were the many shops, restaurants and hotels which have prestigious views of the sea and harbour, but I decided I would see them later.

Rounding the promenade at the bend where it leads down to the harbour end, I sighted an interesting statue standing in the water: a seven to eight foot statue of a naked man holding a tiny surfboard. His body was huge, but the same could not be said about his head, which compared to the rest of his body was pea size. He seemed to be looking suspiciously at his spectators, as if to ask why we were all staring at him when he was undressed, and after a few minutes, his expression got the better of me and I walked on.

Here I found plenty of bars, including one named Coyote Ugly (named after the bar in the film of the same name), and plenty of restaurants, mostly selling seafood. Although I don’t really enjoy seafood, I have to admit that the look of the lobster, mussels and shrimp all laid out with fresh vegetables was enough to make me want to steal all the meals, dive on a speedboat and make off with them. Alas knowing my luck, the nearest thing I could probably dive into would be a rubber dinghy, which would become punctured on a rock and I’d be captured and imprisoned in one of the castle dungeons. Thinking of that prospect, I forced myself away from the seafood and returned back to the promenade.

Alicante City Centre and Restaurants

Walking towards the city centre, I found a Mexican restaurant across from the promenade, where I could sit outside in the shaded dining area and enjoy watching the variety of people passing. I had a delicious chicken dish, but there were plenty of enchiladas and fajitas on the menu. Not that I would swap it with that chicken.

Finishing my meal, I walked on, finding even more restaurants and small shops. For fast food lovers, there was a McDonald’s on the corner of a road leading up into the city. If there’s something that connects all my travels together, it’s these chain stores: no matter what part of the world you’re in, you shall always find a McDonald’s or Burger King. In junk food we must trust, although I would never swap that Mexican chicken for anything.

I walked upwards into the city centre, coming across the central shopping area of Alicante. There were plenty of well known high street ..


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